Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hot Springs

Hello all,

Arrived in Hot Springs around 1 pm about the same time Amee arrived! Perfect timing! We checked out Creekside Inn, but it wasnt open yet so we chilled out in the outfitter and then went for lunch at the Roadside Diner. It was pretty good. Had a cheeseburger and fries. Amee a taco salad. She didn't really care for it.

Well finally after lunch, the Creekside Inn was open, but the rooms were freezing cold, no tv and very small. So, we decided to splurge abit and get a suite at the Hot Springs Spa Resort. This has a heart shaped hot tub, tv and very spacious! Good choice!

I quickly jumped into the hot tub to wash off the 2 days worth of trail funk that had accumulated on me! Amee was surprised to see so much facial hair on my baby cheeks. It is finally growing on her.

After the hot tub experience, it was time to wash my clothes which havent seen the washer for 9 days. Poncho and CJ were doing their laundry as well. There was an intersting sign in the place that I will post later once I figure why my phone wont send my pictures....so stay tuned.

After laundry we just hung around and chilled until time for American Idol. Grabbed a pizza at the local diner and are now watching American Idol! I am afraid I will get to comfortable hanging out here in Hot Springs! Loving the time with Amee though!

God bless,


Anonymous said...

Hi to you both from mom,
Have a wonderful day zero and enjoy every minute. You won't want to let amee go home.
Love you, Mom