Saturday, March 29, 2008

Overlooking the clouds.jpg

Overlooking the clouds.jpg, originally uploaded by Hikingfool.

Day 25: Rainy start to the morning, but finally cleared up around 10:30. Foggy & overcast the rest of the day. Got some cool pics in the fog on Big Bald.

Officially we hiked 20.7 miles, which leaves us 6.6 miles in to Erwin, TN. Will be staying at Uncle Johnny's hostel. We are 333.5 miles from Springer & 1842.7 miles from Katahdin.

Did see my first deer on the trail today (Doe), and my first chipmunk...or as Amee use to call them...Pinies.

The climb over Big Bald wasnt all that bad. The downhills were what was hurting my calf. Any tips on hiking down steep hills would be greatly appreciated!

The picture is of an overlook as we were climbing Big Bald and you could see the clouds below, actually it is what you typically see in the Smokies.

Hope everyone had fun at the lifeline program. Thx for the hello! God bless.



Mac/cgul1 said...

the miles are starting to rack up
thanks for sharing your hike

God Bless


PS said...

Man you are tearing it up! But man... just be careful... this is a marathon, not a 10k. Take care of the calf. You won't have to worry too much about downhill tomorrow! It's pretty much all uphill, but not bad. Have you tried icing your calf? stretching?

As I remember the next big climb is up Roan Mtn. I'll just go ahead and tell you, it is a killer. Worse than going up from NOC.

But it ain't about the elevation, it is about "willin' and cannin'"... "I will and I can becuase I can and I will." (Just a little sayin' we use to fire us up!)

You're doing great man. You can get an AWESOME breakfast at the Huddle House there in Erwin. They'll shuttle you over there.

Just keep the big picture in mind...

Hike on my brother,

Anonymous said...

Hi from mom,
The updates are wonderful, love hearing from you daily- you will have to find out when the next area that doesn't have a signal out so I will know. Pictures are beutiful can't wait to see all of them. Scott thanks for giving jeremiah tips to help and updating him on trials ahead. I like you saying "I will and I can because I can and I will" pretty cool.Jeremiah stay safe and have fun, prayers daily and I love you.
Love, Mom

Daizie Girl said...

We missed you in Lifeline dodge ball game. Although - Amee has quite the arm and represented the Reddens well!!!

Jeremiah said...

Yeh I wish I was there at Lifelines. Glad it was a good time!