Monday, March 10, 2008

Tray Mnt overlook.jpg

Tray Mnt overlook.jpg, originally uploaded by Hikingfool.

Well it is 5 pm and we are just chilling on this amazing overlook from Tray mnt. It is a great place for the sunset. We did 7.8 miles today. I dont have my data book handy to give official mileage. Tomorrow we are headed to the Blueberry Patch hostel in Hiawasee, where I will have my 1st shower in 7 days. Will also do laundry. Their breakfast is legendary. The view here is amazing and I doubt the picture does it justice. I will also resupply my food bag as well. 2 more days and I will be in NC saying goodbye to GA. Yeah!


Anonymous said...

Hey love!! You look awesome! One of those 'I'm the king of the world' (aka titanic) moments I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Hi from Mom and Dad!

Good picture and I know your okay, looks a little warmer today. Sounds like your having fun and especially with the people you thought you wouldn't see again. Enjoy real home cooked food tommorrow. We love ya, Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Jeremiah! How exciting! I can't imagine what a shower would look like after not having one in a while. VERY interesting.

PS said...

Sorry to hear about the mice... I'm glad it kept them off of YOU though.. Maybe a couple more oil of peppermints spread out across the shelter?
We were at the Cherry Gap Shelter just above Erwin in May. The mice ran all through the rafters but never came down on the floor.

hike on brother,