Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Road Trip!!

Well the day finally arrived! One more day to go! I am back into my normal sleeping habits...woke up to my alarm clock at 5:15 am...still way too early!

I was getting very nervous yesterday because it took about 2 hours to pack my backpack...and it is filled to the brim! 2 hours is way to long to pack you backpack, but I am much more confident today. It only took me 17 mins and 30 secs to pack it today. Yeah!! It is still busting at the seems, but I am sure I have probably packed to much stuff!

We plan to start driving at 7 am...and God decided to give us a wintery send-off! Thankfully as we head south it will just turn into rain! The weather forecast calls for rain today in Georgia...my prayers go out for those thru-hikers starting today. What a way to kick off the trip...but it isnt like we will never see rain! The weather forecast for Wednesday, when I start the trail, is sunny and NO rain! High 61...low of 33. Looks like 60's the rest of the week too! Yeah!

Amicalola Falls State Park is the destination today. It is just north of Atlanta on the map below. We will actually spend the night in Elijay, just outside the park. Lord willing, it should only take us 8 hours to get there. If there is enough daylight left, we plan to try to find the 2 mile approach trail that will lead us to the top of Springer Mountain!

Again, thank you all for your prayers for Amee and I. We greatly appreciate it! I will miss you all. I have lots of time on my hands now, so feel free to text me any prayer requests you would want me to pray about to 589-8220. Also, if Amee has any wild parties or seems like she is enjoying herself to much without me...text me as well! lol. Just kidding!

Well it is time for me to shave for the last time for the next 5 months and eat my last bowl of cereal for a while. Or should i eat a poptart to get me in the mood! lol.

Again, i will either be texting updates under "Jeremiah's AT Hike Update", which is in the right hand column, or be sending pictures from the trail in the left hand column! This is for you mom...so you know where I am! Don't worry, I will be fine! Love you!

God bless!


Kristi said...

I guess I should have left this comment yesterday - anyway, I'm sooo excited for you. Know that I'll be praying for you - and Amee - and looking forward to keeping up with your progress!