Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hot Tub.jpg

Hot Tub.jpg, originally uploaded by Hikingfool.

This is the hot tub at the Hot Springs Suites. It uses the mineral spring waters that make this town famous. It was very nice. I totally recommend this place if you dont mind spending a little extra money. If not Elmers is the place to stay in this town. I would shy away from the Creekside Inn.

Well said my farewell to Amee, but we will see each other in 3 weeks in Pearisburg.

Of course my pack is too heavy. To much food and out of towns it is always up! Trying for 19.6 today.

PS: Thx bro...will be checking the PO in Damascus! The peppermint oil didnt work at Walnut Mnt shelter cause had a mouse run over my face while sleeping! Though it was an old shelter with brave mice.

Kimbra: thanks for the encouragement. Keep Amee out of trouble at work!



Dana said...

A mouse ran over your face? Ewwww! I don't know how you get any sleep.....