Sunday, March 9, 2008

Frozen thruhiker.jpg

Frozen thruhiker.jpg, originally uploaded by Hikingfool.

Well it is 7:45 and I made it thru the night alive. It only got down to 7 degrees last night. stayed warm for the most part with every piece of clothing on. Wind was howling all night & still is. Temp is up to 26 degrees in my tarp. There is ice on the inside of my tarp from my breathing thru the night. Will probably wait awhile till the winds die down to pack up camp. Sorry..i meant to say spring foreward with ur clocks in my last post. Going to see if the gals made it ok. Dont worry about me mom...doing ok. lol.


PS said...

Hike on Shepherd! "PS" - Pastor Scott (from the Gooch Mtn Shelter)
You are in my prayers brother...

Anonymous said...

Hi from mom and dad,
I can see you survived but I like the picture with you when it was 70's and you had a short sleeve shirt on. I guess you won't have to many of these real cold days and nights next week it is to be 60 here so I know it will be warmer there. Keep your spirits up I know you can do the whole thing. Our prayers are with you!!
Love Mom and Dad