Monday, March 17, 2008

Welcome Mat.jpg

Welcome Mat.jpg, originally uploaded by Hikingfool.

I just had to post about this. Jesse is quite the character. He is carrying a welcome mat with him, in which he puts his shoes on each night. To funny!

Scott: Have you done the Smokies? I hope they arent as bad as today.


PS said...

Hey Shepherd,
You're doing great! Make sure to grab you a shower a shower at the Fontana Dam Visitor's Center. Good stuff!
Like I said, up from NOC is one of the toughest... You did it!
Going up shuckstack from the dam is a pretty good pull, the Clingman's Dome. Coming out is ALL DOWN HILL!!! Bob and I did 17+ by 3:00. Of course there was a Mtn Momma's famous cheeseburger calling us!

But nothing like today... Besides, it ain't about the elevation, it's about you! After the last post I've been trying to get Ralph to give you his famous "Cannin'" speak... No one can do it like him, right Bob? So, CanMan... pump up the brother!!!

Just hike on my brother,

PS said...

Oh, and sine you're using a Hieny Post, you might dig this set-up from Mac a.k.a. "cgul... He's already commented here.
Check it out:

Oh, and I love the welcome mat!
Are the girls still out there???

Hike on!

Anonymous said...

Hey love! You are my hero no matter what! I know in the end the good days will out-weigh the bad. And 7 days you'll take a 0 day to hang with me!
I love you so much.